Terms of Sale and Use of 100 Euro Website and Websites and accessories Sold.

These terms are subject to change and should be confirmed at time of ordering your €100 website.

The payment is not refundable for any reason other than if you have paid and your business is rejected without any work done or expenses incurred. Considering the low cost and the fact that we incur expenses and take time to work on your order, we cannot then give your money back.

No porn, drugs, escort or other illegal website topics will accepted. Our decision is final and there will be no negotiation. We reserve the right to refuse your business for no reason at all.

Domains (e.g. 100eurowebsites.com)

You will receive a domain registered for one year, the cost of which will be limited to €25, any more and you will need to pay extra. Domains are usually no more than approximately fifteen euro, but they do vary. It is not possible to own a domain, only to have use of it for a year or whatever length of time you wish to pay for. If you wish us to pay for more than year on your behalf, there will be an extra charge.


You will receive a one page website based on the design of our own front page i.e. 100eurowebsites.com. You may remove elements of the page that do not apply. Otherwise we will add content to fit, which will be supplied by you the buyer. You can add max 6 images of your products or services as well as replacing the images that we have already added as part of the design process.

The contact form at the bottom of the page will send messages your email address. We can set up an email with your domain e.g. gerry@100eurowebsites.com but this will be extra. If this email account is used to spam other email accounts anywhere in the world, the account will be closed without notice and you will be informed using your original email address.

You the buyer must be the owner of or have written permission from the owner of all content posted on the website. You accept that you will have sole responsibility for your website and its content. We will simply add what you tell us. Once it is finished there will be a charge for any further edits that you require.


You may have three revisions during the process. Errors on our part or corrections where we clearly did not understand the buyer’s requirements will not count as a revision. Revisions are when the buyer changes his or her mind regarding something on the website. After three revisions there will be a charge for changes and alterations, etc.


The website will be hosted in Ireland. There will be an annual charge after the first year. The amount of this charge will depend on the current rates and charges. You will receive a notice of these before the hosting expires.


We are Irish and are based in Ireland. We will not share your contact details with anyone except if required in the operation of this business and if required to do so by law.

Prompt Payment

The annual charge must be paid on time. If it is not paid, the domain will expire and may not be retrievable upon late payment without some extra expense if at all. The hosting will also expire if the fee is not paid in time. We will not pay any charges for you and hope that you will pay us at some future date.


We have at times a translator plugin installed on our website. If there is a dispute about the terms, the English version will be the one that applies. The translations may not be completely accurate.


You accept that in the event that your website malfunctions for any reason, whether our fault or not, through any action or inaction, the amount paid by the buyer less credit used on a pro rata basis will be the full extent of our liability.

We can if you require it, build a complete website for you at a very reasonable rate.

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