Get Your Business Online Quickly
with a
€100 Website

€100 website is the answer.

The question is how can your business make an impression online quickly and on a low budget?

Sure everyone has a Facebook page, but there is nothing like having a good company website to show off your business.

A Simple Web Page May Be All You Need Right Now.

The advantage is that you can get started online and be found by your customers for a small annual investment. When your budget grows you can improve your website and make an even better impression on your visitors.

€100 for a one-page website is a very small investment and you will get so much in return.


For your €100 you will get all this:

  • Domain (e.g. for one year – subject to availability)
  • Hosting (the rent and maintenance of the server where your website lives for one year)
  • A standard webpage with:
    • a professional looking design
    • your business name
    • your business address
    • phone number
    • a photo of you or your product or business displayed
    • an article about your product or service (supplied by you).

What do you think will happen when your customers look for your product or service online or when they look for your business?

If you do not have a website, they will find your competitors and they will get the orders that you might have had.


Time is Money

Every day that you delay getting your name out there the further behind you will be.

New Business

Bring in new business from people who had not previously heard of you. Grow your company.

Tell Them

Let your past customers know that you are still there and looking for their business.


Set up a company email and start communicating with your customers. It’s good to talk.

Advertise Your Expertise

Mary is a our customer service manager and will ensure that you will get the very best service that we can provide.

Mary Quite Contrary

John is our ‘Tech Guy’ He makes sure that everything runs smoothly day and night so that you get the service that you expect.

John The Piper's Son

Billy is our logistics manager and ensures that your products are delivered promptly and in perfect condition.

Billy Boy

“Why spend my day chasing customers when they can find me and come to me?”

“Now I can focus on what I am good at, running my business, instead of constantly looking for more business and selling.”

“My website has greatly reduced my time on the phone. People can look at my products/service on my website and then phone me when they know what I do.”

About us

Your website will be built by an experienced web designer with your business in mind. We can quote for an upgrade when you feel you need it.

Our mission

We want your website to bring in business. Then you will come back to us for more. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Our offer

  • One One Page Website
  • Cost €100
  • Upgrades available as needed

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